How it Works?

4 Step Process for Successful Weight Loss

We want to begin by educating you on a scientifically based weight loss program called the Renaissance Diet. Concepts such as Caloric Balance, Macronutrients, Nutrient Timing, Food Composition and Supplementation will become the foundation for your successful weight loss.


Scientifically each individual has a specific caloric and macronutrient need based around their bio-markers and activity level. We will customize those number to meet your needs whether that is weight loss, maintenance or muscle gain. This isn’t a gimmick. Our recommended calculator does all the math for you.


Once we have figured out your “magic number” for weight loss we encourage all our clients to accurately log their Calories on a daily basis a food logging app. 75% of the program focuses on these two variables. If you don’t do this daily you are just guessing and more more likely to fail otherwise.


This program is a non-restrictive diet. We will not tell you what you can or can’t eat. Rather we never want you exceeding your “magic number”. Doing this requires daily weighing, scanning, inputting everything you eat. Consistency is the only difference between those who lose weight and those that quit.


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